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Executive pay: the case for scrapping short term incentives
Raaz Bhuyan shares his observations on the latest round of shareholder voting on remuneration and his views on the level of executive short term reward some CEOs and CFOs are obtaining for merely doing their job.
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The long and the short of it: identifying shorting opportunities
Graeme Burke talks to WaveStone's approach to shorting and discusses a number of examples recently identified by the team.
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Trends and innovation: building a quality portfolio in the world of disruption
Catherine Allfrey discusses the importance of identifying companies that contain a culture of innovation and ability to change direction. This holds the key to differentiating between good investment opportunities and value traps.
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Where will the profits come from?
Allocating capital in the current economic climate is a serious challenge for equity investors. Among the root causes, the money printing by central banks around the world has resulted in plummeting interest rates and rampant asset price inflation. In this article, published by CIE, Raaz Bhuyan takes a closer look at the operating environment for equity investors.
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WaveStone Institutional Insights - China
Following the rally in commodity prices and resources stocks at the beginning of 2016, Raaz Bhuyan traveled to China and Hong Kong to investigate the abrupt change in market sentiment.
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