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Our Insights Centre is designed to provide wholesale clients with useful information, the latest news on Australian equities and media coverage relating to WaveStone Capital.

Latest thought papers: 

USA Research Trip
Raaz Bhuyan shares his insights from a recent research trip to the US, including the impact of changing consumer preferences, the possibility of wage inflation and outlook for the oil market.
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An airbag for your equity strategy
Our latest thought paper takes a closer look at long/short variable beta strategies - how they work, what they can offer investors and where to position them in your portfolio.
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Case Study: Blending a variable beta strategy with a long only fund
In this case study we examine the three key benefits of blending a long/short variable beta strategy - the WaveStone Dynamic Australian Equity Fund - with a traditional long only Australian equity strategy.
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China Research Trip: 2017
Given the recent rally in commodity related stocks, WaveStone Principal and Portfolio Manager Raaz Bhuyan headed to China looking for confirmation on the sustainability of demand, and more broadly an update on the political landscape and the continuing transition to a service based economy.
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